Family Fun: beach and forest walks

11 January 2016

Dear friend,

This was definitely a weekend to get out and about. We seem to have had a lot of time indoors over the Christmas break and then we have been busy fitting back into our work and school routines so I have missed our beach and forest walks. We more than made up for it this weekend with two beautiful walks and I couldn't resist capturing the memories along the way. 

Noordwijk Beach Walk

I love the look of pleasure and mischief on the little man's face here, dodging the waves coming in.

"I have sea foam in my veins for I understand the language of the waves." La Testament d'Orphee.

Brothers who play together stay together. 

Family, where life begins and love never ends

Me first...

No me...

Wassenaar: walking in the dunes

Taking a little breather.
I love how the big lad read out the memorial written on this bench. The view from here was amazing what a special way to remember someone.

Time spent with the family is worth every second.

Surround yourself with those who make you happy.
We may not have it all together. But together we have it all.

The little man hid Nova's ball in the tree. Poor dog!

What a fantastic way to blow all of those winter cobwebs away. Even the rain on the way back couldn't dampen our spirits. We live in an amazing place but I must admit to walking around with my eyes only half open. Most of the time I am too busy to notice what is in front of me. That is why I love making photographs, they help me to look at my environment and my life through open eyes. 

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