H Days Part 8: My Hysterectomy Journey

30 January 2016

Dear Friend,

I must be starting to feel better as I am getting bored. I have noticed small victories too; Filling up the kettle is easier, putting on my trousers is no longer a form of torture and I have more energy. 

My scars are healing well and I can't believe how tiny they are. The 3 small incisions on my public line will not be visible and will tuck away under my bikini. The other cut is hidden inside my navel and that is healing well too, the stitches are more visible but no one will see. Amazing considering women used to be cut wide open.

I walked to school to pick up the boys with hubby. I wanted to surprise them and it is only 100m from our house. I never realised how long it would take, how much it would hurt and how tired I would be afterwards. But it did teach me a valuable lesson; even if your mind says you're ready your body calls the shots! The smiles on the boys faces were definitely worth the effort but I may wait until after the weekend before trying again.

The problem is that when all you have done is lie In bed, sit on the sofa and wander around the house a bit, for two whole weeks you get weak. It takes time to build up your energy again. If I do too much or something too quickly I get dizzy. 

I have enjoyed making the most of extra snuggles in bed from the boys, reading stories, making minions with craft beads, anything that involves sitting still. I can even manage an hour playing on the wii with the boys before I need a more comfy seat. 

The boys haven't moaned once! They have been so good and I am super proud of them, especially getting themselves ready for school on a morning and walking there together. I was over the moon to hear from the little man's teacher that he is coping fine. I am glad I went in to see her beforehand though, just in case he had a few wobbles. It always pays to warn the teacher!

In the last few days I've started to wrestle more with the psychological side of what has happened. I knew I would after my initial reaction to being offered this surgery. But quite frankly I am more relieved that my problems weren't more serious. 

During the surgery the Dr discovered that my womb was stuck to some of my internal organs on one side, she mentioned endometriosis. I had heard of endometriosis but wasn't entirely sure what it was. 

Endometriosis is a common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (the endometrium) is found outside the womb.

This would explain my pain. But I also realise reading the information that I may have been lucky to have my boys as endometriosis can cause fertility problems. Instead of mourning the loss of my womb I am counting my blessings. I can not imagine life without my gorgeous boys!

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