Weekly roundup #2

15 January 2016

Dear all,

This week I have written my roundup early because I was not sure if I would feel up to writing after my operation on Tuesday. But we tried to squeeze in as much quality time as possible between Friday and Tuesday as we knew that my surgery was looming.

The fun started on Friday with a surprise dinner out. Hubby took me to a lovely little Tapas restaurant in Katwijk called La Vida Loca. We've been wanting to try it our for ages and we weren't disappointed! The food was amazing! My favourite course was a sweet pepper stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in parma ham.

On Saturday we popped to Noordwijk and had a lovely walk along the beach then a look in the shops before heading home for another Luther marathon on Netflix. What a fantastic series. On Saturday evening the whole family came together to celebrate Oma and Opa's 50th anniversary at the Rose. The kids love going to the Rose as it has a gym attached so they can go and play and not have to sit bored with us grown ups.

On Sunday after popping to Oma and Opa's to try out their new coffee machine we had a long walk in the dunes. The weather couldn't dampen our spirits and we had a great time. Great to get the kids away from the computer and have some quality time together.

Monday was a busy day of pre-Ops, cleaning, ironing and last minute shopping. As well as a blogging frenzy to make sure I have everything scheduled for over the next week or so.

My favourite moments this week were:
  • Being told to come back to bed for cuddles
  • Surprise date night with hubby at a Tapas restaurant
  • Watching my in laws open their present for their 50th wedding anniversary
  • The big lad having an adult sized desert
  • Races in the gym
  • Seeing the little man's cute smile with his missing tooth
  • My big lad taking comfort from his best friend Nova
  • The little man hiding Nova's ball in a tree
  • Receiving best wishes from my lovely friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • Hanging my beautiful canvas collage, my prize from Darren at Photalife and My Sunday Photo

I am pleased to say that the operation was a success and if you want to follow my hysterectomy journey you can here.

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