Weekly Roundup #4

29 January 2016

Dear all,

This has been another week of taking it easy. I am still recovering from my recent hysterectomy operation. Whilst I am improving, the slow pace has made me feel rather frustrated. I was cheered up by a lovely plant and book from my work colleagues and reassurances that everything was going OK. But in all honesty work has been the last thing on my mind. I am definitely not ready to go back! 

I have been lucky to have my hubby and in laws taking care of me again this week. I really haven't lifted a finger. Being laid up has meant lots of cuddles and love from the boys and that Nova my faithful friend (our beagle) has remained my constant companion. I have spent my week reading, blogging and binge watching television series again. The season climax of Game of Thrones was a real cliff hanger and tear jerker. 

I even managed an hour out this week when Hubby took me on a little car ride. It was a very welcome break and I snapped a couple of nice shots (from the car) of our beautiful Dutch landscape. 

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • It amazes me how close the boys are. I love how they snuggle up together every night before bed. 
  • My dog has become my shadow, wherever I go to the toilet I come back to find her in my place. My father-in-law is worried that she will pine for me when I go back to work.
  • Helping little man to make a Minion figure with craft beads. 
  • A car trip with hubby, he helped me to see further than my four walls to the beauty of where we live.
  • Both boys went to Birthday Parties this week. It is so good to see them happy and being included.
  • Little man "hiding" under the side table. He must get his stealthiness from papa.
  • People showing they care, helping with chores, bringing gifts, sending messages and just being there. 
  • Little man dancing to Watch me whip in the shower, loved the snaky leg. 
  • Taking part in another 'No complaints day' on Monday, so much positivity,  just what I needed. 
  • The start of my new Linky, Family Fun, thank you to my fellow bloggers for your support with Retweets and to those of you who joined up. 
  • A really fantastic response to my latest autism related post; Please don't tell me my autistic son looks normal. I am really humbled by all the wonderful comments, thank you! 
  • I have just got into klout too and have learned how to give klout. I have also received some klout from other bloggers, thank you so much to you. I am trying hard to increase my score to over 60. 

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