Family Fun: Looping Louie

10 February 2016

Dear friend,

When we want some family time together we often turn to board games. I have really fond memories of Sunday afternoons from my youth when we'd all crowd around the table to play. My lovely nana was queen of the board game.

Last year Oma wasn't sure what to buy the boys. I suggested a game. Due to his autism the big lad finds creative play difficult. He doesn't play with figures and finds building things like Lego hard so won't naturally play with these either. We decided to invest more in games to encourage him to play more and get him away from those screens for a bit.

Oma found this game: Stef Stuntpiloot or Looping Louie (UK version). I'd never seen it before.

Each player chooses a coloured side. They put 3 chicken coins into a slot.  Louie is a stunt pilot and he flies around the board doing his tricks. 

The object of the game is to stop Louie from knocking off your coins by shooting him up into the air with the lever. If you time it right you can send him towards your opponents coins too. Killing two birds with one shot.

This is a really fun game for all the family. It is easy to set up, easy to play and lots of fun!
(In fact we have been know to play it without kids and with shots during parties.) 
You can change the position of the lever. Straight for adults and older children and L shaped to make it slightly easier for younger children that way the whole family can play, although it is recommended for ages 4+ I would highly recommend this game, it is one of our favourites and comes out time and time again. 

Take a look at our little Video of my gorgeous boys playing the game.

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