Family Fun: Making Minions

3 February 2016

Dear friend,

The little man received this Minion maker bead kit for Christmas. It came from SES creative and cost 10euro. I've never tried bead kits before but the little man had at school so confidently showed me what to do. I was looking for an activity for us to do together that wouldn't require too much setting up, tidying away or general energy as I am not fully fit yet (follow my hysterectomy journey) and this seemed perfect. I couldn't wait to spend some quality time with my gorgeous boy.

The little man was raring to go. 

The pack contained some very basic instructions (just pictures) a plastic board to arrange the beads and a sack of beads.

We put the beads in a bowl for safe keeping and got to work. The paper instructions weren't particularly clear so we used the picture on the box for reference too.

It is a brilliant activity for developing fine motor skills as you have to be very careful and precise to get the beads in exactly the right position on the board. It takes patience. It took us around half an hour to make this one minion,

The completed minion. I wasn't sure whether it had been ironed enough and kept going over it. I think I ironed it too much in the end but he definitely won't fall apart. It does get very hot so this part is definitely not for kids. It also needs lying flat to cool or it starts to curl up at the edges.

A very happy little man with his minion. 

This is a fun kit and the finished product was of a good quality. 

I would definitely buy another of these, it is a simple idea but produces a nice product and minions are always popular in our house. 

However, as I am quite thrifty and a teacher to boot I started to look on line and discovered a few sites that give free perle patterns. There are patterns for animals, characters, places, cartoons etc lots of inspiration for budding artists. There are also 3D projects that look amazing. You can download boards and create your own designs to make. There are so many ideas to get the creative juices flowing. 

Now to buy some more beads and get my boys designing. Hours of entertainment.  I can see some Pokemon and Super Smash bros characters being made soon. 

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