Happy Birthday Little Man

27 February 2016

Dear little man,

Today you turn 7. My sweet, crazy, fun loving and very sensitive little man. Oh my goodness how you have grown in the last year. You are taller, your limbs have lengthened and your face has changed too. You are no longer a baby faced, chubby cheeked little cherub but a whirlwind of boyhood. 

Yes the time has flown but what scares me most is that I am forgetting. Hubby and I had a conversation the other day where we discussed; which one was it who liked Waybaloo? OK so who liked Waybaloo isn't important in the scheme of things but it's a symptom of my tardiness as a mum. I'm forgetting those perfect moments we shared when you were small. How when we snuggled you fit perfectly into my side with your feet rested on my thigh.

On your birthday I thought it would be a nice idea to look back at a few of the many special moments we have shared over the last 12 months. 

During this last year, I have watched your sense of adventure grow, I have watched you dare to strike out on your own, to leave the shadow of your brother and venture out to try things for yourself. You have worked hard to learn new skills like riding your big boys bike, football, swimming and reading. I am really proud of how tenacious you are and how you always approach things with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

We love spending time at the beach or the woods, you running ahead, beaming smile, stealing Nova's ball and giggling or playing games like monopoly and top trumps, we have to watch you don't cheat and give yourself all the best cards! You bring fun and happiness to everything that you do with that cheeky grin and glint in your big eyes. 

We have seen a change in your character too this year. You have developed sensitivity. You really care about others feelings, you don't like to see anyone upset, or left out and are very in tune with your brothers feelings I have overheard you tell your brother; That happens because you have autism, it's ok or don't worry your head is full. You make my heart burst with pride. 

Despite all this growth you still love cuddles, I still get my morning squash and squeeze, you still love dressing up and you still love your cuddly toys. I get to keep my little man a while longer and I am going to hold onto you tightly and love every single, precious moment with you although I know I have to start to let you go more too and I promise I will try, papa will help me. Thank you baby for bringing us all so much joy! Happy Birthday. 

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