Valentines gifts for the man in your life for under £30

9 February 2016

Dear Friends,

I am really bad at buying valentines presents. In fact over the last couple of years I haven't bought anything for hubby. We have chosen to go out for dinner instead of buying gifts and last year hubby cooked a very special dinner at home. This year I want to get hubby a little something as he has been so good taking care of me and doing all the housework whilst I have been recovering from my surgery. I wanted to get him something different from the usual smellies or drink but not break the bank.

Here is my pick of Gifts for the man in your life, for under £30.

 Personalised Favourite Lyrics Poster by Not on the high RRP £21.10

I received one of these posters as a gift from my best friend last year and the frame and print are of really good quality. I like the stylish design. This is available as a frame or a canvas. I love the idea of using favourite Lyrics and would use our wedding song. Stevie Wonder for once in my life. It is important to note that only the first 150 words are used.

Moon and back Keyring by RRP £14.11

I love this small, sweet keyring as it has such a lovely message and would remind hubby of one of the boys favourite books. 

Personalised love you lots like jelly tots bag from RRP: £9.52

I like the idea of buying this gift as a treat from the boys but the teacher in me thinks it would be nice to create this ourselves using fabric pens.

Name a star gift tin from RRP: £15.99

My uncle bought one of these gifts for my auntie years ago and I found it really romantic, the idea stuck with me. Find Me A Gift will send you a presentation tin with a registration form, full details, star facts, a souvenir poster and more.

Batman eclipse light from RRP: £15.99 

The perfect gift for your superhero. It can be used as a bedside table lamp or wall mounted. I think the boys would love this too and perhaps steal it for the playroom.

Whiskey Rockers from RRP: £11.99

Rocking Glasses were first invented for use in ships, boats and aircraft to prevent spillages. This sounds ideal as hubby is slightly clumsy and he loves his whiskey.

Original Newspaper from RRP: £24.99

I really like these original newspapers and I just love it specifies that it provides the original papers not copies like some other sites. What fun to be able to read about what was happening in the world on the day you were born.

Micro Drone from RRP: £24.95 

This is the perfect small toy for someone new to drones. Most suitable for indoor use but can be used outdoor when it's not windy. I think hubby would enjoy playing with this big boys toy!

Which one would you choose? 

Do you have plans for Valentines day this year?

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