Weekly Roundup #5

5 February 2016

Dear all,

At last I am starting to feel a bit more like myself. I have had a couple of trips out to the shops this week and I am managing much better at home, although hubby still won't let me lift a finger. I have pain if I walk too far and need to rest. It is a fine line between starting to do more and not doing too much.

I was so pleased that I felt well enough to go and watch the little man swim for his A diploma at the weekend. He did brilliantly and I was super proud of him.

Saturday evening some friends popped around for a few drinks and we put the world to rights. It was a great evening and nice to get dressed up a bit and put some lippy on after 3 weeks of living in PJs and jogging bottoms. On Sunday we had a good old fashioned family day with a games afternoon, dancing session (I was Darcy Bussell and scored) and we watched the Scooby movie.

As I am still banned from all heavy duties, I have spent my week resting, watching TV (I cried buckets at the film The Notebook, it was fantastic!) reading and planning my bedroom renovations. We have looked at some wall papers and bedding and I've started to put some ideas together. I'm getting excited already!

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • Picking the little man up from school.
  • Family evening with a gourmet.
  • Playing board games with my boys.
  • The little man getting his A diploma. He was so proud of himself!
  • My big lad helping his brother learning to read.
  • Singing there was an old lady who swallowed a fly and remembering all the words.
  • Getting my new MacBookPro. Yeh, no more mega frustrating afternoons waiting for the hamsters to wake up in my 'vintage' one.
  • The little man in papa's enormous boots.
  • Capturing a beautiful sunset.
  • Cohosting Candid Cuddles with the lovely Becky. What a great blogging community there.
  • Hosting my new linkup party, Family Fun and so many wonderful bloggers linked up a fab variety of posts to the first week, thank you!!!

Here is my first video attempt; a montage of photos from January. Please take a look. I'm hoping this could be a new monthly feature. Let me know what you think.

Our Monthly Roundup

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