Weekly Roundup #6

12 February 2016

Dear all,

This has been a really challenging week. Instead of feeling better, I started to feel worse so it is really special to write this post and focus on all the lovely, positive things that have also happened this week!

On Saturday evening we went to my brother-in-laws house for his birthday dinner. The boys enjoyed running around their large garden and looking at the horses in the stables. I managed to snap some lovely pictures of the boys.

On Sunday we had a PJ day and laid around watching TV, playing games and simply relaxing together doing nothing.

Despite trying to remain positive, 4 weeks of pain and being stuck at home started to take its toll and by Tuesday I had had enough. I had a mini melt down. Thankfully my friend was on the end of the phone to calm me down and remind me that I need to listen to my body and give it time. So that is what I have done the rest of this week. Stayed in bed until late, watched too many series on Netflix and read lots.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • My clothes feeling looser, the positive side of not feeling great so I get to rock my leather look trousers!
  • Snapping the boys having fun at my brother-in-laws.
  • Having my hair done.
  • Enjoying Vera, such a brilliantly written series and the north eastern scenery is a real taste of home.
  • Little man making great improvements at physio therapy. 
  • The boys enjoying a PJ day.
  • Skype with my best buddy.
  • Bedtime stories shared under freshly changed sheets with cuddles.
  • Hubby arranging a surprise for valentines.
  • Big lad opening up and talking about a worry, massive deal!
  • Hubby taking me to Noordwijk for a hot chocolate with cream. It was a beautiful day.

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