Weekly Roundup #7

19 February 2016

Dear all,

The boys have been pretty inseparable this week. It started at the weekend when they had to have sleepovers. I love seeing them snuggled in together, it gives me such lovely warm fuzzies. They'd love to share a room but papa and I think it's better not to on school nights. 

Saturday afternoon saw us head to Katwijk for a bit of shopping therapy in the end of season sales. I picked up a gorgeous Guess purse and hubby got some new clothes. We also got some presents for little mans rapidly approaching birthday. I can't believe he is almost 7!

On Sunday afternoon hubby and I had a special valentines treat, High tea. It was absolutely delicious, there were so many delicious treats, quiche, macaroons and of course cake. It was so nice for us to get out on our own for a bit of special time together.

I had some good news this week. I have been given the all clear from the hospital! I can expect the tiredness to continue for a while so have to take it easy but can begin work and build back up to normal hours. Hurray! I can't wait to get back to normal! I've been trying to build up my energy a bit and have been doing more house work and I took the dog for a walk for the first time in 5 weeks. It was a lovely night and it may sound silly but it felt like I was seeing where I live with new eyes, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos. 

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • The boys having sleepovers.
  • Beautiful spring flowers bringing colour to these cold days.
  • Sunday morning, the boys shouting happy Valentine's Day as they came in and snuggling up to me in bed.
  • A spot of retail therapy.
  • Booking a weekend away for all of us (Dog included).
  • Taking the dog for a walk around my village for the first time in 5 weeks.
  • Getting the all clear from the hospital.
  • The boys trying out electric recliners in the sofa shop and nearly getting us thrown out!
  • Little man making a big improvement in his fine motor skills.
  • A great response to my post about autism and having friends.
  • Valentine's high tea at Cafe van de Leur in Leiden.

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