Weekly roundup #8

26 February 2016

Dear all,

Wow Weekly Roundup number 8 already. I can't quite believe it and yet so much has happened this year too. I am feeling so much better this week, almost back to normal. Just the occasional bump when I do something stupid, like move anything too heavy or a little jolt when I suddenly feel tired. 

Our weekend was quite busy. We spent it shopping for a new sofa. Our sofa has seen much better days, one cushion inparticular (where the boys usually sit) so it was time for a new one. Hubby and I couldn't decide whether to go for the comfy corner sofa again or the retro option but if you look at my Pinterest board you'll see which one we went for. This unexpected expense means we need to put our bedroom on hold for a while. But I can't wait to see what our new sofa will look like, it will make a huge difference to our living room.

The boys have been on half term Holiday. We started the week with a PJ day. They played computer games and watched TV and generally slobbed around. Just what they needed because they've both been working really hard at school and helping mummy at home. We have also had a day at the indoor playground and the cinema (We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, Road Trip. The boys loved it! ) and a morning walking in the forest with Nova that was interrupted by a surprise snow fall, magic! 

I am starting back at work next week and must admit to feeling a little nervous. Wish me luck!

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Little man celebrating his birthday at school with a basket of goodies
  • Lazy half term mornings not having to rush to get ready for school
  • Trips to the cinema
  • Little man telling me I wasn't Eleanor (chubby one) but Brittany (pretty one) from the chipettes
  • Hanging at home with my boys
  • Enjoying our local scenery, just beautiful!
  • Getting back to normal
  • Buying our new sofa, can't wait to get it now.
  • The boys pretending to save papa from the Hulk in the toy store caused quite a commotion
  • Big lad being invited to go swimming with a friend
  • Great to see so many fab bloggers linking up such a diversity of posts to Family Fun
  • Working with the big lad on his presentation
  • Playing guess who with the little man
  • Cooking dinner, alone in the house (for once) with Adele at full blast and me singing along.
  • A lovely walk in the forest complete with surprise snow fall! Still beautiful in winter!

I hope your week was filled with happiness too!

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