Family fun at the Goat Farm

16 March 2016

Dear friend,

I am very happy to say that I can see definite signs of Spring appearing. The mornings are getting lighter, there are touches of green everywhere and flowers appearing at the side of the road, then hubby came home and said; Shall we go to the farm?

A spring trip to the farm is a bit of a family tradition, we have been going since the boys were tiny. My immediate reaction was; Do you think it's too early? But hubby assured me that he had noticed many lambs in the fields on the way home so off we went.

I love our annual trip to the farm as for me it signifies the start of Spring/Summer. This is a time of year that I absolutely adore; sitting in the garden until late, family BBQ's, trips to the beach, long walks with the dog after dinner, kids playing out, suntanned and happy, bike rides and sunshine!

Family fun at the Goat Farm

The farm is set in beautiful surroundings and the boys rushed ahead eager to get there. We had tricked them as we said we were going shopping for new clothes! The old farm buildings are beautiful, they have a shop and restaurant too selling their self produced biological products. Entrance is free but they ask you not to bring your own food and drink and you pay for the milk and food for the goats and for pony rides. 

The boys wanted to dash straight off to their firm favourites, the pigs and were delighted to see that a new litter had just been born. I loved the little one giving itself a good scratch on the wall. Next we headed off to the shop to buy milk to feed the kids.

Most of the kids were a bit sleepy and not so interested in feeding but we managed to find some that hadn't been filled up by enthusiastic children. The kids also enjoyed eating the boys laces and a little girls pony tail, which my little man found hilarious.
Little man ended up surrounded by hungry goats at the play ground and was shouting; I'm king of the goats. The boys also enjoyed climbing through the goat door and playing on the slide, swings and seesaw. 

If you want some peace and to escape the business of the farm for a while, you can hire a boat and have a row along the river.
Other animals at the farm include, cows and calfs, chickens, ponies and rabbits. 

Before leaving we couldn't resist another sneaky peak at the piglets, especially as little man had bought himself a cuddly one. And my little farmers had a ride on the tractor too.

I can't wait for more family adventures this spring.

For any Netherlands readers the farm we visited is Boerderij het Geertje near Zoeterwoude. I would highly recommend a visit!

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