Weekly Roundup #10

11 March 2016

Dear all,

This week is all about awakenings. I know it isn't spring yet but the signs of spring are everywhere. Driving to work I noticed that the mornings are a lot lighter and there are crocus growing on the sides of the roads. Then hubby came home and said shall we go to the farm. Seeing the new born animals is a real sign that those long, lazy days are on the way, when we can once again live outside; enjoying warm evenings in the garden, eating BBQ food in the fresh air and making the most of our beautiful surroundings with long walks and bike rides.

Happy days are here again, almost...

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • Seeing signs that Spring is on the way!
  • The little man having a fabulous time at his birthday party. 
  • Lunch time out at our favourite fish restaurant.
  • How the little man is becoming such a poser!
  • Beautiful flowers from my hubby. I am really enjoying practicing my macro shots with the flowers hubby brings each week. (You can see my experimenting on Instagram.)
  • The big lad did his presentation about Autism with confidence and got a 8.5/10.  
  • #TribalChat launched on twitter and the hour flew by. Thanks for organising MummyinaTuTu. What a great bunch of women.
  • Lots of new faces joined in #FamilyFun and thank you to all of my returning friends. I am really enjoying hosting my own Linky, I love joining in them.
  • The piglets at the farm were super cute, my favourite was the little one scratching itself on the wall. 
  • Hubby and I had a lovely beach walk on our own, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Quality time together, bliss!

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