Family Fun: Flower Power

5 April 2016

Dear friend,

On Saturday morning we went to Kom in de Kas (Come in the glass house). It is an open day where people are encouraged to come and look in the greenhouse and see how the tropical plants are grown. It is one of the top ten most popular events held in Holland. As my best friend was visiting and as we live in a flower growing area we couldn't resist having a peak inside too.

The whole event is free and takes place in over 23 regions of holland with over 200 growers opening their doors. You can see robots giving plants water, have your face painted, jump on a bouncy castle, ride a pony, meet some feathered and fluffy friends and have a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake too as well as learn about how the flowers and plants are grown of course. It is a fun day out for everyone.

Some of the plants being grown in the glass houses.

A selection of beautiful Gerberas.

One glass house had a wild bird show.

Little man needed a lift walking between the glass houses. There is a bus service for people who have difficult walking.
The boys enjoyed the small petting farm. 

Nic and Big lad posed for a wedding snap, who's the bride? There were some beautiful flower arrangements on show.

My favourites, the orchids. 

This year we had a whistle stop tour as Nicki and I had plans for a fun afternoon of lunch and shopping in Leiden that we didn't want to miss. But I would highly recommend a visit!!!

We also had a short drive around the bulb fields on Sunday afternoon. The flowers are just starting to appear and I took some initial snaps. It was beautiful weather and if this sun continues all the flowers will be open in no time. It really is an amazing sight to behold.

Tiptoeing through the tulips.
Not all of the tulips were out yet.

The freesia smelt amazing. 

A rainbow of flowers.

Nova had to get in on the act!
My family. 

This is one reason why I love living in Holland. I know I shall never tire of this beautiful sight.

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