Family Fun: Texel Weekend Part 1.

23 April 2016

Dear friend,

We have just come home from a fun packed family weekend in Texel. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We went for a day a couple of years ago and it was too short so I really wanted to return and when hubby found a great deal staying on a holiday park for the weekend we jumped at the chance!

Texel is an island  in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is the largest and most populated island of the West Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea. The dune landscape on Texel is a unique habitat for wildlife.  About one third of Texel is a protected nature reserve.

We stayed in a Roompot vacancies house on their Kustpark (coast park) our accommodation was the most basic (I kept calling it a caravan and hubby kept reminding me it was a chalet) but it was very clean and had everything we needed. There were some very impressive holiday houses there too so there is something for every budget. The boys were particularly impressed with the large swimming pool with super long slide and wave machine. Our house was situated right next to the woods so was perfect for nipping out with the dog for a walk.

The Kustpark is in De Koog and on the Friday evening we went for dinner at Quinty's restaurant. The food was lovely and I really liked that they offer three portion sizes to suit all appetites. The staff were really good with the kids and taught them a trick whilst we were there. The boys also got a surprise toy with their meals.

Early on Saturday morning we headed for the beach. 
We were almost the only ones there and the views were stunning! 
(Please check out my photographs in the film at the end.) 


On saturday afternoon we went to Ecomare. Ecomare is a nature reserve, seal sanctuary and sea aquarium. At Ecomare you can get really up close with the animals, seals, porpoises, and birds. During feeding times the trainers hold shows and give extra information about the animals. The little man absolutely loved it here and made me take lots of photos of the seals. It is well worth a visit just to see the animals so closely and also because your entrance fee goes towards helping the sanctuary to continue the brilliant work they are doing. You can even adopt a seal!

Texel really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Perfect for budding photographers and nature lovers.

After a busy afternoon hubby took the boys swimming in the wonderful pool and I got to spend a couple of hours enjoying the peace and quiet before we had a family favourite for tea.

Gourmet Image courtesy of Pestel Keurslager

Please come back and see part 2 of our Texel trip.

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