Weekly Roundup #13

1 April 2016

Dear all,

This has been a week full of excitement. It began with Easter celebrations and a lovely long weekend of quality family time. I wasn't about to let a spot of cold spoil our weekend especially as hurricane Katie was kind to us here in Holland. We had a walk in the woods together on Sunday and a Easter Egg hunt that was full of surprises.

We have also been excited because the change in time has meant lighter nights and more quality time together. The little man has been out practicing his football and Nova has been getting more exercise too. Apparently we are in for real spring weather this weekend with temperatures rising to 16 degrees. Woo hoo! Just in time for my best friend to come to visit on Friday. I am super excited to see her and to have some 1-1 time together, with lots of lovely chats, wine and laughs.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Making the most of the lighter nights playing outside after dinner
  • Racing with the big lad to see who gets the front seat in the car
  • Hosting #TribalChat on Tuesday evening was super fun
  • Easter Sunday, a walk in the forest and an egg hunt to remember
  • A very short working week
  • Watching; The peanuts movie snuggled up with my boys (brilliant family movie)
  • Little man holding my hand in the car
  • Eating heaps of Easter chocolate
  • Playing on the huge seesaw at the playground
  • Little man's wellies flying off on the swing
  • The best week ever on #FamilyFun with fantastic posts
  • Nova (my dog) dreaming and her wagging tail hitting my leg
  • I love a bargain and picked up a lovely new clock
  • A super evening with good friends and plenty of laughs 
  • More nominations in the MADs - writer, lifestyle and Schooldays. I am over the moon!
  • Cuddles - the little man has been super cuddly this week 
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