Weekly roundup #14

8 April 2016

Dear all,

Spring has arrived with a bang this week. It is one of my favourite times of the year as living in Holland and in the Bollenstreek region (the bulb growing region) we become surrounded by rainbow coloured fields. The temperature has risen and we have had more sun so the winter coats have gone away and we have been making the most of the lighter nights.

I had a super weekend of fun, laughter and wonderful food with my best friend. It was lovely to have time to ourselves and we went into Leiden for an afternoon of lunch, shopping and girly gossip. It was so good to see Nic but I did feel slightly deflated afterwards as it made me realise just what I am missing, that easy banter that flows when you have a shared history and understanding with someone.

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:

  • Spending quality time with my best friend 
  • Sitting on a terrace with a rose beer in the sunshine 
  • Teaching a class of 4 year olds for the morning and singing songs about animals and bugs 
  • Playing on the school yard with the little man 
  • Putting away my winter coat 
  • How little man has started posing for photos
  • Being guest blogger on Rookie mistakes with the lovely Claire at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes. 
  • Eating Bean Boozled, Yum & Yuk Jelly Beans (a present from Nicki). I ended up with smelly socks and vomit flavours, Yuk!
  • The boys learning to play Go Fish with Autie Nicki
  • Enjoying the beautiful spring flowers

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