Weekly roundup #17

29 April 2016

Dear all,

I hope you have all had a super week. It has been really cold here in Holland, the coldest King's day in a very long time perhaps ever. It has been a real shock to the system as we were getting used to the arrival of Spring.

Unfortunately my big lad has been sick most of this week so there are few pictures of him in my week at a glance. Being a working mum sure sucks when your kids are ill. Thankfully he was feeling much better by Wednesday and was able to join in with the King's day celebrations. And I only had to work 2 days this week and I am now free for 20 days. Hurray!

Our week at a glance

My favourite moments this week were:
  • Taking Nova out for walks - she has to smell and investigate everything with that huge nose.
  • Hubby sorted out the shed - hurray we can now put the bikes away!
  • Watching the little man in the King's day games at school.
  • Having my post about autism awareness month published in The Mighty.
  • Sunday afternoon board games with the little man - cheating
  • Little man offering to give daddy a massage to help his stiff neck.
  • Being featured post on Blogger Club UK with my Growing pains post.
  • The blog having a summer makeover from the fantastically talented Helen aka Ellie illustrates
  • Having my first co-host on  #FamilyFun the lovely Annette from 3 little buttons
  • Another makeover - this time my  #FamilyFun linky. Annette made me a gorgeous new badge for  #FamilyFun (come and see)
  • Watching little man get his Diploma B for swimming.
Little man at his swimming exam - he got the B diploma (second level swim certificate)

  • Watching the boys practicing their DJ skills, could we have the new Armin van Burren

Monthly Roundup photo montage video

My favourite moments this month

  • Having fun in the flower fields
  • My best friend coming to visit
  • Helping to Surprise our lovely neighbours with a house & garden makeover
  • Taking a boat trip - watching the boys steering
  • A weekend trip to the beautiful island of  Texel
  • Getting close up to seals
  • Little man passing his swim diploma B
  • Celebrating King's day
What a brilliant month! I hope yours was too...

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