Family Fun: Mouse Trap

11 May 2016

Dear friend,

Welcome to another Family Fun and this time we have a favourite game of ours to share with you. The big lad has been sick and little man has been totally lost without his buddy to play with so mummy was more than happy to step into the breach. We have had great fun playing lots of games to keep hm occupied. 

I have very fond memories of the original Mouse Trap. As a child I loved it.  We never had it ourselves (cue violins) but when I went to one of my friends houses to play she did and I always wanted to play. The little man saw this in the toy shop and stuck it on his Christmas list and mummy Santa couldn't resist. 

Family Fun: Mouse Trap

We have the Elefun and friends version of the game.

This is what the game looks like once set up - it takes a few minutes to get all the pieces in place. Little ones will need help!

The game is really colourful and includes the favourite characters from other Hasbro games, Elefun, Hungry Hippo, Giraffalaff, Chasin Cheeky (monkey) and Jock Croc.

It is a 3 player game. The coloured mice (Sneakers Mouse, Nacho Mouse, Pepper Mouse) are the pieces. 

First you must spin and then move the mouse to a colour place on the path. 

When 1 player lands on a boot and another player is under the net you get to kick the bucket and see if you can trap the mouse.

Watch a short clip of the game in play...

I asked the little man why he loves Mouse Trap so much and he said because he likes being the mice and he likes capturing other mice in the net. His favourite animal is the monkey. 

The game is quite fast moving especially with 3 players and the rules are very easy to follow. I like the board, the parts are of a high quality and won't get easily broken. 

The mouse pieces are really cute and also a very good size and weight for little hands (not too small). It is a super game for the 4-7 age range.

I am less enthusiastic about the set up time as there are a lot of pieces to put in place before you can play - little ones may get bored waiting so you might want to set it up beforehand. Once you get used to where things go it becomes easier. 

Also if you watched the video closely you may have seen little man move Giraffalaff with his hand. Giraffalaff is meant to move when the ball falls on his foot but the ball isn't heavy enough so it doesn't work and needs to be done by hand. In my opinion this kind of defeats the object of the game - the automatic nature of the mouse trap. I find that really disappointing. Perhaps we have been unlucky and it is only our game? 

Overall it is a good game which has the potential to be great if the little hiccups are ironed out.

Our family fun rating : 9.5/10 from little man 
                                       6/10 from me
Game age rating: 4+

Mouse Trap comes from Hasbro games. It retails between 12.89 and 24.99 (Amazon).
I was not compensated for this post!

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