How to find the perfect sofa

31 May 2016

Dear friend,

What does a sofa mean to you? To our family it's the place where we snuggle, read, play on the iPad, watch TV, blog, grab a coffee/snack, read a story, have 5 minutes rest, gossip on the phone, Skype with the family... It is in many ways the heart of our home. After 7 years of general wear and tear our beloved corner sofa had seen better days and it was time for a new one... 

I loved our sofa, it was really snug and I always took the corner place where I could put up my feet and sit comfortably with my laptop on my knee and one of the boys or hubby snuggled at my side. The problem was hubby and I could not agree on what type of sofa we wanted. Should we go for another corner sofa? Do we pick comfort or look, style or function?

I did some internet research and found some tips to help us to find the perfect sofa.
  1. Consider the size: Our room is long but quite narrow so that ruled out lounger style sofas or anything too deep
  2. Decide how the sofa is to be orientated: as we have double doors out onto our garden this limits our options
  3. Decide which shape will suit your room: We had a corner sofa and spent a long time discussing if we wanted another one
  4. Consider which upholstery will suit your needs: we like leather but it would not suit our lifestyle with 2 young(ish) children and a mad dog
  5. Choose a style that compliments your room: our furniture is quite classic so we had to choose whether to go for a classic option or a more modern contrast
  6. Consider the colour or pattern: this was a difficult decision as we were a bit scared to go for a colour incase we went off it in a year or two
After dragging the poor boys around furniture stores over a few weeks, we finally made our choice...

Living room makeover
Our new Sofa: The Zinc sofa, French Connection collection at DFS

Living room makeover
Hubby repainted the wall (we used faded turquoise) I love how it has really lightened up the space. We bought the new rug from Ikea to compliment the geometric design on the cushions. The sofa colour is also in our painting: a print from Catherine Stevenson of Whitby one of our favourite places.

Finding the perfect sofa
I have collected a few favourite photos and plaques to create a feature wall to compliment the modern style of the sofa.
The dining chairs and Queen Anne chair are antiques that we up-cycled last year with some new upholstery.

I am really glad that we stepped out of our comfort zone and went for a bold colour and retro design. It has given our home a completely different and much more modern feel. Is it still comfy? Yes very! I am glad we bought the long footstool too so I can still sit with my feet up, laptop on knee, on an evening.

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