Family Fun: Time travel and Angry Birds

8 June 2016

Dear friend,

Hubby is a bit of an animated film fan and the boys wanted to go to the cinema to see the new Angry Birds film. So one rainy miserable afternoon we decided to head to the cinema. We usually go to the large Pathe cinema in the Haag but this time we decided to stick closer to home and headed for the Trianon cinema in Leiden.

Stepping into the Trianon was like stepping back in time...

Time travel at the cinema
Door Foto Jonker, Leiden - Beeldbank Archief Leiden, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Trianon is the oldest cinema in Leiden and first opened it's doors in august 1927. There is restoration work happening to the building so I didn't get any outside shots, except for the box office.

Time travel at the cinema
The box office at the Trianon.
Just buying your tickets is an experience as the box office is amazing and if it wasn't for the X-men poster on the right we could be in the 1930's. 

The boys were very excited to watch the Angry Birds Movie.
The interior didn't disappoint either! Look at those curves - it is an absolute delight of 1930's style and check out that amazing lighting.

Time travel at the cinema
What a brilliant refreshments place. I absolutely loved the 1930's style of the cinema.

Time travel at the cinema
We got super excited by the old projector machine.

Time travel at the cinema
The atmosphere is just amazing. I'd love to come here for a 1930's movie dressed in costume and sipping on some cocktails. There's even a piano in the corner so Sam can play it again. (I'm sure I was born in the wrong era!)

Photo on Left: Trianon ca1935. Door Foto Jonker, Leiden - Beeldbank Archief Leiden, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Photo on Right: Trianon screen 3 2016.

Our modern boys playing on mobiles before the film started.

Being in such a beautiful building added to the theatre of the whole experience. And I absolutely loved it when half way through the lights went up and we had an interval! What a brilliant idea, don't all kids (and women of a certain age) need the loo after a huge drink and popcorn? And just enough time to stock up on refreshments too. 

And the film? Well the boys loved it. There was action from the first scene. We found out why the angry birds are so angry and a good message was delivered about friendship and accepting outsiders. But most of all it was super fun, with some naughty jokes thrown in for good measure to amuse my boys. Their favourite part was when the mighty eagle did an enormous wee in the Lake of Wisdom. It was a fun, enjoyable and fast paced film but not a true classic as the plot is a little thin if I'm honest.

A brilliant afternoon out and we will be returning to the Trianon soon. Perhaps a date night is on the cards...

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