Book Corner: Barry the fish with fingers

18 July 2016

My book corner choice this month is: Barry the fish with Fingers by Sue Hendra

Have you ever heard of a fish with fingers? Well neither had we until we came across this crazy but fun romp from Sue Hendra. Little Man couldn't resist choosing this one the last time we were in the English book shop and it has become a firm family favourite...

Meet Barry the fish. Barry is no ordinary fish, he is a fish with fingers which proves very popular among the other fish who have never seen a fish with fingers before.

Unfortunately not everyone is happy with Barry's sudden arrival in their part of the ocean. Puffy is used to being the big fish and doesn't really want to join in the fun and games...

The book is full of fun and we love the part where Barry lists all the things that he can do with fingers like painting & cutting.

It is a brilliant book for exploring feelings (perfect for anyone with autism) as you can discuss Puffy's feelings and how they change through the story. But it is also bright, colourful and fun!

The story has the perfect ending to leave your little one with sweet dreams. 

What on the face of it seems like a light hearted read becomes a story with more purpose as this teaches our little ones, how to deal with jealousy and that it is OK to feel jealous at times. I just love fun stories with an underlying message too, don't you?

The language is quite simple but the story is told well and I like the use of capitalisation in places to add effect. There are plenty of opportunities for your budding readers to join in as the story becomes familiar. You may even want to add your own music!

Look out for the others in the series - Barry the fish with fingers and the hairy scary monster or Norman the slug with the silly shell.

Price = 6.99 (BP)
Age range = perfect for 3-7 year olds

Our rating: 8.5

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