June Roundup

1 July 2016

Dear friends,

Welcome to my monthly roundup an opportunity to look back at the ordinary moments that have made our month extra special. It is so easy to take for granted people, places and things and this look back really helps me to appreciate their importance and rejoice in the everyday memories we are making together...

My most popular IG photo this month was: 

 Video Roundup

A photo montage of some of our special times...

Magic moments from June...

  • Family beach walks - discovering jellyfish
  • Having some 1-1 time with all 3 of my men at some point in the month
  • Enjoying relaxing in our newly renovated garden; Sitting in the sunshine after work, on our new decking
  • Little man saying; Someone needs to lift me up and give me a cuddle. Reminded me of when he was tiny
  • We have loved the 30 days wild challenge. It has been so much fun completing the Random Acts of Wildness this month
  • Long lazy evenings with friends
  • Discovering sun tan lotion in a spray - just amazing!
  • Big lad having a successful school trip (thanks to his brilliant assistant going with him) and overcoming his fear of rollercoasters
  • Tickle cuddles in bed with the little man, I just love it when kids are totally lost in their giggles...my favourite sound ever!
  • Paddling in the sea...
  • Receiving this amazing tweet:

  • Having a taste of home with some English treats from Marks and Spencer  
  • An evening walk on the beach with a good friend
  • Dining Al fresco
  • Playing monster mummy before bed and both boys Squashed together hiding in the play tent 
  • Watching my big lad get his C Diploma at swimming
  • Having an amazing month on #ablogginggoodtime Katie and I are overwhelmed by your support
  • Blog highlights include being featured on: 

    • Father's day: Dads' days out ideas
    •  I don't kiss my son 

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