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30 July 2016

Dear son,

My big lad is 10. Whilst I can sit here and type things like, I can't believe it, where has the time gone or it's passed with the blink of an eye. That is not exactly true. You have been through so much and achieved such a lot in your short life and you have taught me so much about who I want to be. My son you continue to amaze me and make me extremely proud!

It is your character that defines you. Yes, you are different, you stand out... but you have really embraced that this year and have grown in confidence, accepting all that having autism means to you. You have focused on the positive and become much more self assured; 'grown-up' and comfortable in your own skin.

I did not think it possible that your relationship with your brother could get stronger but it has! You are an amazing big brother, kind, caring, supportive and also disciplining when you need to. I love to watch you take the lead and see you gaining more confidence from your brothers adoration.

You have had knock backs too this year and it is how you have dealt with these that has impressed me the most. Where I may have walked away, you have shown me that forgiveness and acceptance can be extremely powerful! You my son are the bigger man.

Special moments this year...

Holiday in Turkey.

You have grown in confidence in so many ways.

This year I have had many glimpses into the wonderful man you will become.

You always care for you brother, walking him to school, helping him get ready, teaching him things, just being there.

I am cherishing these shared family days as I know you are starting to find them a bit boring now.

You always have time for fun! But that competitiveness hasn't left.

That cheeky face is never far away...

You get very embarrassed by your silly mum as you are too cool for school.

Even though you get fed up of posing you do it for me! 

You never give up - this year you finally made the top!

1-1 time with mum. One of my highlights of the year and I vow to make more 1-1 time for us next year when we can really talk without interruption.

You remain, my funny, sensitive, caring, clever, kind, forgiving and computer game obsessed big lad and I love you with all of my heart.

Happy Birthday son.

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