Book corner: Fidgety Fish

19 September 2016

My book corner choice this month is: Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway

Fidgety Fish is one of my favourite picture books to read out loud. It is so much fun and your kids will love joining in. If you have an active child they will really identify with Fidgety as he is a fish who can not keep still. He wriggles and squiggles and darts and giggles through the story. Eventually his mum gets fed up and sends him out to play to release some of that energy. (I am sure many mums will identify with this story too!) Mum warns him to be careful but Tiddler swims out into the sea and his inquisitive nature soon lands him in trouble... 

Ruth Galloway has written and illustrated a series of under water tales including Smiley Shark, Tickly Octopus and Clumsy Crab. Perfect for an under water topic at school or home.

Our favourite part of the story is when the Big fish makes a really loud BURP! We all like joining in here.

The lively colourful illustrations match the fun, fast paced text perfectly. The characters are beautifully drawn and fun with their white google eyes.

With its vivid language, many rhyming and onomatopoetic words, brisk pace, and exclamatory style, the book is perfect for reading aloud. It is a firm favourite...

The premise of the tale is that children should listen to their parents. But over all it is just a fun romp to be read and enjoyed. 
We have the CD version narrated by Jamie Theakston with Doon Mackichan with music and sound effects and it has been listened to again and again! 

Our rating: 8/10

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