Family Fun: T-Rex in town

28 September 2016

Dear friends,

We have a T-Rex in town. The T-Rex is the most iconic and well known of dinosaurs in the world and we got to see one. Getting to look in the face of a 67 million years old dinosaur is something really special!

Trix the T-Rex is on display in Naturalis in Leiden. It took 3 years to unearth Trix from her resting place in Montana. She is an almost complete and very well preserved skeleton; more than half of her bones have been preserved. All that is missing is the left leg, a part from the tail, the feet and claws. The left leg was reproduced by making a mirror image of her right leg on a 3D printer.

What amazed me the most was the sheer scale of Trix. How did something that big roam the earth? But also the difference in size between her front and rear paws. Her front paws were tiny!

Naturalis is currently under construction so the main museum is closed and only the T-Rex exhibition open. I was really impressed at how well organised it was, it didn't feel too overcrowded. The final part of the exhibition is a room with several games/activities and the boys absolutely loved these. There is even a game where you get to try and outrun a T-rex on a bike, just like in Jurassic Park! It was a lot of fun. Watch our Vlog to see for yourself!

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