Simple Christmas Cards for kids to make

22 November 2016

Dear friends,

I think most of you know I'm more likely to be pinning a fail than a perfectly made crafty creation but I do like to make my own Christmas Cards every year. Bearing in mind my totally rubbish crafting skills I have to find something that looks great but is relatively easy. This year I have a duel task, preparing for home & work, as I am teaching a class of 5 year olds and they will also need to make cards.

Where did I turn for inspiration? Why Pinterest of course. The spiritual homeland of many a brilliant and very talented blogger and crafter and I wasn't disappointed. There were so many wonderful creations, pop over and take a look at my Pinterest board. It made it very hard to narrow the choices down but here are my 6 Simple Christmas Cards for kids to make...

1. Bubble wrap Christmas tree. 
I love this idea and think it would transfer well to the classroom. I would prepare the stamps for the children myself. Such a simple yet effective idea. I would like to experiment with colours too.

From learn with play at home

2. Hanging decorations. 
I have a collection of sparkly things, sequins etc which we could use to make this card. The children could choose the card colour and draw the lines themselves. Super simple if you are short of time or an easy card to make if you realise at the last minute you have forgotten someone.

From Activities for kids

3. Footprint Snowmen.
The trucsetbricolages site has some great ideas for seasonal crafts using hand and foot prints but I loved this snowman one. I am not sure whether I want to have 23 children painting their feet though, it could get messy.

From trucsetbricolages

4. Reindeer children.
I love this idea! Simple yet really really effective! I would print in b&w then let the children colour their noses or stick on a red circle. The antlers could be made by drawing round their hands and cutting out. I'd love to see my classroom windows decorated with the kids faces like this!


5. Fingerprint Snowman.
These look really cute and I like how the children can personalise the snowmen too but I think these would work better with older children or as our cards at home.

From Crafty Morning

6. DIY leaf print cards.These are my favourites to make at home. I love them!

From Stay at home life

Which card was your favourite?
Do you like to make your own cards too?
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