Gizmo saves Christmas

1 December 2016

Dear friend,

If there is one thing that makes it feel like Christmas then it has to be the good old Christmas advert.   Christmas certainly brings out the creative brilliance in our advertisers. I have really fond memories of sitting on the sofa in my Christmas PJs watching TV with my family and waiting for the adverts to come on. Rather than disappearing off, to make that cuppa, we all waited to see what would come on and we all had our favourites.

Last week my colleagues and I sat on our phones at lunch time watching the adverts that had just been released. There were lots of Ahhhhs and Oooorrrrs and then we had a good old discussion about our favourite Christmas adverts. There is something about these clever adverts that captures the spirit of the festive season. Hearing that Coca Cola music and seeing the big red lorry, makes me feel like Christmas has really arrived and the John Lewis adverts certainly take some beating but when I saw the 2016 Vision Direct advert starring Gizmo the Pug, I feel in love!

I loved the 2015 advert A Pug's Christmas and Vision Direct have built on this brilliant and highly successful advert and produced another heart warming and fun tale featuring the gorgeous Gizmo. Look at that face!

This year's advert is called Gizmo saves Christmas and introduces a new character, Gizmo's rival, Cuddles the cat. It is really clever how the advert plays on the themes of neighbourhood rivalry and the age old competition between cats and dogs.

The advert was made by, Bespoke Film and Communications; who produced, directed and filmed 'Gizmo Saves Christmas' over two days in a studio environment with a set build that looks completely real. Sam Orams, Chief Creative Officer, commented:

"This is our second Christmas adventure with Gizmo and this year we are delighted to be able to introduce his rival Cuddles, the cat from across the street. With the perfect foil in place the scene is set for some festive competition in a story which is ultimately about caring for others, a value close to the heart of the Vision Direct brand."

My favourite moment is when Gizmo takes his lantern and sets off across the road, in the snow to help his adversary. A brilliant demonstration of kindness and forgiveness and who can resist a cute dog in glasses at Christmas? Not me...

Gizmo saves Christmas is sure to be the Big success of 2016, especially among us dog lovers.

What is your favourite Christmas Advert? 

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