Point Shoot: Siblings project January

20 January 2017

Dear friend,

Welcome to my new Photo series Point Shoot I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus.

This week's Point Shoot is Sibling Project. I came across the Siblings Project on IG. It is run by Lucy from Dear beautiful.

The Siblings Project is for anyone who wants to commit to photographing and sharing a sibling moment each month.

I love the idea of getting a monthly snapshot of my boys that I can look back on. I just wish I'd found this community earlier as I love this idea and there are some beautiful shots! 

Now I'll let my photos do the talking...

I love this collection of shots as for me it has captured the relationship between my boys absolutely perfectly! This month has been full of laughter. They have spent so much time together and have shared so many interests. They are more like best friends than brothers.

The photos were taken on a trip to the zoo. The boys love this giant Ostrich egg and I have photos from a previous trip here so I asked them to get in and let me take a picture. As is usual with these two it quickly descended into chaos! The third picture is my favourite as they are looking right into each others eyes and pulling stupid faces. I love how natural this is! A special moment captured.

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