Point Shoot: Siblings Project February

17 February 2017

Dear boys,

The cold weather has kept us in the house quite a lot and we have been hit by a lot of bugs this month too. I've really noticed how you are cheer leaders for each other. You were very supportive and caring towards each other when you were sick both fetching drinks and asking, is he OK and when Little man had a week at home, big lad, you flew in the door every day asking, Is he better now?

You also really support each others interests. Big lad by cheering on little man at football on Saturday mornings and some training sessions and we all supported the big lad when he played his first DJ session in a bar in Leiden. You are so proud of each other!

There remains a bit of sibling rivalry too as there is always a tussle over who is the winner/fastest/makes the biggest snow ball. But it is a friendly rivalry as I know you always have each other's backs. I love the quote;

Because I have a brother, I'll always have a best friend.

 In your case I really believe this is true!

Now I'll let my photos do the talking...

Happy Days!

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