January Roundup

1 February 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to my monthly roundup an opportunity to look back at the ordinary moments that have made our month extra special. It is so easy to take for granted people, places and things and this look back really helps me to appreciate their importance and rejoice in the everyday memories we are making together...

Finding beauty in the everyday...
  • cleaning out the cupboards - such a fabulous feeling
  • dinner table chats 
  • sofa picnic of tapas and a large glass of wine
  • watching the Crown on Netflix
  • my sons pleasure at getting into a clean bed
  • pain free days 
  • little man hiding under the duvet cover as we tried to fold it
  • a beautiful present from a pupil
  • big lad bringing me a glass of water when I was feeling ill
  • feeling Hygee
  • a Sock puppet
  • the boys chasing each other around with the sock puppet
  • tulips and daffodils helping me to feel that Spring is coming
  • fairy lights and candles
  • that feeling when you come home and kick off your shoes

On the blog...

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