Book Corner: Scaredy Boo

20 March 2017

My book corner choice this month is: Scaredy Boo by Claire Freedman and Russell Julian

Do you have a child who sometimes gets scared at bedtime? If you do then this book is for you!

It is the tale of Scaredy Boo, a monster who lives under the bed. But this monster is scared of everything, even you! Whilst all the monsters came out to play on a night Scaredy Boo was too afraid to join in, until one night Spike the monster appeared and invited him to play. Scaredy Boo with the help of Spike faces his fears and soon ends up having fun with all his new monster friends.

The book comes from Claire Freedman the author of the brilliant Dinosaurs love underpants and Aliens love underpants. 

The illustrations are by Russell Jullian and I love how his lively drawings have an almost child like quality.  You could help your children to make some of their own monsters after reading too.

The story is written in rhyme with repeating phrases to allow your little one's to join in the fun. "Wouldn't you be scared too? "

The story has a great theme, teaching your children that it is OK to be scared sometimes but that it is also important to try and overcome your fears. It is a brilliant book to get young children to share and begin to address their fears.

And don't worry the monsters are not too scary in fact they are quite cute and friendly looking.

A super bed-time read! For preschool to age 6/7.

Our rating: 7/10

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