Point Shoot: Siblings Project April, a Tip-toe through the tulips

21 April 2017

Dear friend,

Welcome to my new Photo series Point Shoot  I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus. This week sees my Siblings Project post for April and a very seasonal tip-toe through the tulips.

Spring is my favourite season and we are incredibly lucky to live in Holland and in the Duin and Bollenstreek, an area characterised by coastal dunes and flower fields. We are surrounded by beautiful fields filled with tulips and daffodils and the hyacinth are starting to come out too. It is simply beautiful and smells amazing too!

I have been snapping pictures  of the boys in these fields since they were tiny and so what better place to take some snaps for the siblings project...

Now I'll let my photos do the talking...

This month has been about stepping out. As the weather has got better the boys have been playing out more and spending more time with friends. This has meant that they have spent a bit less time together. But they remain just as close.

The big lad has faced a few challenges this month and has been quite stressed. We have been preoccupied with trying to support him and it has been lovely to watch the little man step in and also step out and give him space when needed. It is almost like he has an instinct for it. 

The Pokemon obsession has continued and they have moved on from the games to the cards. Spending most of their savings from the UK on them. Luckily their was enough left for a trip to Build a bear, I think I enjoyed it more than little man. Will it be his last visit? He is really maturing and does not want to be seen as the baby at all! 

The boys have both ventured further into the world of music this month. Big lad has now got his own DJ set to practice at home and little man a drum kit, the neighbours joked that they will be moving. I loved setting up the kit my old music teacher would have been very proud!

Happy Days!

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