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27 April 2017

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. I am kicking off the series with a photograph from our album. 

It may be a little grainy but I love this photo of the big lad and my nana. It has a really special place in my heart as this is probably the last shot of her that I have. 

Nana Dot was a major influence in my life growing up. She was an amazing woman, full of life and energy but most of all kindness. Her door was always open to anyone in need. Wherever nana was she brought fun, light and happiness. She was also very small, 4 feet 11 1/2 inches to be precise (she always said the 1/2) but what she lacked in stature she more than made up for in personality!

This was the last time we saw nana in her own home. We were over in the UK for the holidays and popped in to see her. I remember the big lad running in excitedly because he wanted to find out if he was bigger than nana. He ran into the kitchen shouting, Nana am I bigger than you now? Her reply made us all laugh, Wait a minute darling while I stand up straight. 

The look on his face should tell you that he was indeed taller and this photograph was taken as evidence. 

I have so many amazing memories of my nana; Saturday night sleepovers, the smell of pressed powder and lipstick, playing queenie who's got the ball, running for the ice cream van, a pint with a half glass, singing Doris Day songs on a Sunday morning, handwritten letters with a five pound note tucked inside... But this has to be one of my favourites. Proudly standing with her great grandson. A very special moment in time!

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