Book Corner: Zog

15 May 2017

My book corner choice this month is: Zog by Julia Donaldson.
Illustrations by the amazing Axel Scheffler.

We are massive Julia Donaldson fans and have many of her books. I had no idea that she had written so many (60) and that she started off writing songs for Children's television. Her first book a Squash and a Squeeze was originally a song.

What a good idea! said Zog. Then up and off he flew.

Zog is the tale of an accident prone young dragon. He is the keenest Dragon in school and desperate to win a golden star from Madam Dragon but despite his best efforts he just can't make it.

He has several hiccups along the way including a burnt wing and a sore throat. But there is always a lovely young girl at hand to help him out. Who is she?

This book as you would expect is beautifully written in the usual brilliant rhyming style of Donaldson and uses repetition throughout so your little ones can join in the fun. I love the themes in this tale of resilience and hard work and the fact that it challenges stereotypes is also a huge tick from me. Not every little girl wants to be a princess!

The illustrations are amazingly well drawn and colourful as we have come to expect from Axel Scheffer but he has also captured the relationship between the characters really well. There are plenty of fun words and special moments making it another winner from this brilliant team!

Zog is sure to become a family favourite!

Our rating: 9/10
Price: 6.99 GBP

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