One Moment In Time With Squirmy Popple

5 June 2017

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. This week's featured blogger is a blogging buddy of mine, a fabulous writer who always brings a smile to my face, Katie from Squirmy Popple.

See that smile on my face? It’s there because it’s sunny and I’m on holiday in Italy.

Well, not exactly Italy. Wales.

But it COULD be Italy.

This is Portmeirion in Gwynedd, which was designed by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis to look like an Italian village. It’s incredible how effective the illusion is, especially on a warm spring day like today. With its Riviera-inspired houses, campanile and decorative columns, Portmeirion feels more Portofino than Porthcrawl.

This is a big holiday for me, because it’s my last holiday alone with my husband. I am 32 weeks pregnant, which I guess make this our ‘babymoon’. In just a few weeks, my daughter will come screaming into this world and everything will change.

 I have no concept of how much it will change yet. This baby will challenge me, thrill me, amaze me, surprise me, destroy me. She will flip my whole world upside down and bring me to my knees. I will not sleep for more than three hours straight for a full year after she arrives. But I’m unaware of all that now. For now, I just focus on the feeling of her flip-flopping inside me, as though she’s happy because I’m happy.

She doesn’t stop moving the whole day. As I eat gelato, walk along the beach, relax under the palm trees in the centra piazza, she kicks me with enthusiasm. She hasn’t been born yet, but she is still very much part of this holiday.

“You would love this place,” I say to her. And I’m right. While she’d hate the beach (she can’t stand the feeling of sand), she would love running around the columns and climbing up and down the village’s many staircases. She would especially love sharing a gelato with me and my husband, covering half her face in melty ice cream.

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