10 things that make me happy

8 September 2017

Dear friends,

I love a good blogging tag and I am always really grateful when my blogging buddies nominate me for these things. A huge Thank you to the lovely Laura from Musings of a tired mum for my nomination. 

Here are the 10 things that make me happy...

1.  My dogs face at the window when we arrive home. She stands with her front paws resting on the windowsill and tail wagging. There is something magical about her excitement at seeing us, I love it!

2. The smell of home when you first open the door after a trip away. There’s nothing like it!

3. Enjoying a glass of wine with good company. I love nothing more than an evening with friends or family putting the world to rights. Even after 12 years in Holland I still really miss my best friends and love it when I return to the UK and we have a girly night out or in.

4. Singing loudly to a classic tune in the car. I once got a round of applause at the traffic lights by a group of handsome young men.

5. The sound of my sons giggle when I tickle him.

6. The Beach - it is my go to place when I need a bit of therapy.

7. Looking at old photos - I cherish the photos of my Grandma and Grandad but also love looking at the photos of my family in the 70’s and 80’s with classic perms and bell bottomed trousers. 

8. Taking photos - my love of photography really developed through blogging and whilst I remain a #PointShoot photographer I would love to do a proper course and learn how to take better shots.

9. My kids being happy - Is there anything better than seeing your kids happy?

10. Blogging - this is my space where I get to speak honestly and openly about raising a child with autism and do my small bit towards raising #autismawareness. The part that makes me happiest is the amazing comments that I receive and the thought that my small space may be helping someone to feel less alone.

Please feel free to take part in this great tag too. 
What makes you happy?

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