Week in Photos #6

30 October 2017

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my Photo series #PointShoot. A look back at our week in photos. I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus.

It is back to reality with a huge bump this week. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday washing, cleaning, ironing and generally doing all the horrible jobs that need to be done after a holiday. But I also spent some time searching through my holiday snaps and choosing some new shots for our feature wall. 

I attended a school meeting so we could start the admissions process for secondary school for our big lad. I am so glad I had help as I never would have managed it alone. It is amazing how much paper work we need to provide! The nerves are getting to me so I went on a long walk with Nova to reduce some of my stress.

My working week Wednesday-Friday always seems to fly by. Wednesday was a fabulous day as an artist came in to work with the class and she was amazing. They produced some great pieces. At lunch time the Indian families treat all the staff to a gorgeous lunch in celebration of Diwali.

The boys spent most of Saturday engrossed in the new Mario Odyssey game but we managed to drag them away for an hour to a Halloween market. Later we attended an organised Trick or Treat evening.    Some people had really made an effort to decorate their houses for the kids. But the boys didn’t like knocking on strangers’ doors! On Sunday we had a lazy day with a lie in, Strictly catch up, films and board games.

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