A Glimpse into our Autism: Blanket statements

29 November 2017

Dear course leader,

Yesterday you told me that all autistic people should be in mainstream education. 

I could feel the tears prick my eyes and catch in the back of my throat and although I wanted to challenge you on this I couldn't as I knew I was going to lose control of my emotions. I did not want to do that in a room full of my peers. Now I feel sad, angry, disappointed that I missed the opportunity...

I missed the opportunity to say that I think you are wrong! 

You can not make blanket statements about people with autism. You can make a statement based on your child, your experience but you can not talk for everyone!

It seems strange that I am disagreeing with you, especially as I fought to keep my son in mainstream education. I strongly believed that I was right to go against the professional advice and leave him in his primary school after diagnosis.

We were lucky, we had an amazing school with a very supportive head and Special Needs team. My son was in a relatively small class with children who accepted him from the start and he loved it. He also received excellent additional support.

But now it comes to looking for a secondary school, our choice is simple...

The best place for our son is a special school for children with autism.

Do not think we have reached this decision lightly. Like every step we have taken on this autism journey it has come with deep thought, contemplation, discussion, professional support, sleepless nights and I am certain the appearance of more grey hairs.

We have made this decision based on what is best for our son, at this moment in time.

We have visited a few secondary schools and asked about their care programs for children with autism. All of them advised us to take our son to a Special school for autism because they could not guarantee the level of support he needs.

Today we began the process. We filled in the initial form for entry to secondary. My heart beat just a bit harder as I added my signature. There is a lot riding on this, my sons future...

And sadly we are not guaranteed a place!

Butterfly with coloured jigsaw pieces pattern with text
Yesterday you told me that all autistic people should be in mainstream education.

I missed the opportunity to say that in our experience you are wrong!

You can not make blanket statements about people with autism.

A glimpse into autism is a series of short letters that explore the impact autism has on our family on a day to day basis. Disclaimer:  this is our experience not all autistic people are the same but many carers are faced with this dilemma. 

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