Time for Reflection...

10 November 2017

When your time on earth is over, 
How do you want to be remembered?

You worked hard.
You were busy.
You were successful.
You were generous.


You were kind.
You listened.
You were a good friend.
You enjoyed life.

Sometimes we need to 
Take stock and evaluate 
what really matters...

Put down the phone.
Switch off the TV.
Really be with your family,
Rejoice in the ordinary...

Sharing sweets in the car.
Buttoning up little coats.
Opening that door.
Decorating cakes.
A kiss on a tired cheek.
Washing the dishes together.
Reading favourite stories.
Asking; Are you ok?
Sharing a coffee.
An arm around a weary shoulder.
Looking into someone's eyes.
Listening to the small talk.

One small kindness 
Leaves a lasting impression on people. 
Just live,
One small kindness at a time.

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