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25 December 2017

One moment in time with Kerry Jordan

1 December 2017

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. Welcome to Kerry Jordan from Crazy, Messy, Glorious. A huge thank you to Kerry for taking part, I love getting to know my fellow bloggers better and I love how we are going International with One Moment in Time too. It is super exciting that blogging can open the world to us like this! Now over to Kerry...

Our beach photos are my favourite. They're rare, because we don't get much beach weather here on the East Coast of Canada. The bright sunlight and uncluttered landscape is a mamarazzi dream. Also, my husband and the beach look great together. He used to be a surfer, ya know.

This photo, though. It really soothes my soul and here's why.

Our daughter was born with hip dysplasia which means that her hip joints didn't form properly during pregnancy. She had surgery at one and a half. When other kids were doing tummy time, she was in a cast from her chest down. All that worry and fuss, the scary hospital stays and the lack of mobility formed her personality. At six, we're struggling to love the surliness out of a very anxious and pessimistic little girl.

Still, it's not hard to count the blessings that came from this. Our prayers were answered and that painful time in our lives was brief. Our daughter's legs are just about normal now and she's active and plays sports as well as other kids her age. Seeing anxiety take over all our lives pushed me to get help to face my generalized anxiety disorder. That's life changing for all of us. Living with uncertainty, trusting that we will get through bad times, and not letting fear make decisions for us are all lessons that my husband and I took from this experience. The number one thing that grew out of all this was our compassion. We're learning to love ourselves and each other when it's hard.

When I look at this photo, besides being thankful that our daughter can walk on the beach, I'm struck by the symbolism. Standing on an endless expanse of shifting sand and water, Daddy and daughter practice tossing a big yellow happy face. She catches it. It's awkward and she staggers forward, before heaving it back with all she's got. It's about giving and taking. It's deliberate, not effortless at all. Every time she throws the ball, Daddy has to chase that happy face and bring it back before the waves carry it away. When she throws that ball and we catch it, oh the joy! Such a simple thing, yet so heavy with grace and love.

You can read more from Kerry at: BlogTwitterPinterest.

Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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