15 Half Term Activities that won't break the bank

16 February 2018

Dear Friend,

Is your bank balance a little low after the expense of Christmas, half term holidays are coming up fast and now you need to find some activities that won't break the bank?

Keeping everyone entertained without breaking out the credit card doesn't have to be too difficult! There are plenty of ways to keep the kids happy that can cost next to nothing.

15 Half Term Activities that won't break the bank

  1. Visit Galleries and museums: many museums have special programs for children during the holidays. Some are free but others have a fee. Check out their websites for information. 
  2. Family movie afternoon/night: we like to snuggle up together with snacks and homemade milkshakes and watch a classic kids movie
  3. Day at the park/beach: even if the weather is bad, throw on your wellies and raincoat and get outside
  4. Sleepover: We love a family sleepover, the boys regularly like to crash in our bed or sleep together. You can make it extra special by camping out indoors
  5. Get crafty: go Pinterest crazy and find a craft project that can use up all your household junk
  6. Indoor obstacle course: throw bean bags into the laundry basket, balance a book on your head, skip or do jumping jacks
  7. Stage a bake off: you can rope in the grandparents as judges
  8. Family project: write a report on their favourite animal or football team
  9. Write an adventure story
  10. Games afternoon: Get the board games out and have a mammoth competition afternoon with prizes
  11. Treasure Hunt/Scavenger hunt: some local parks or play areas may organise treasure hunts for the half term holiday but you can also set up your own
  12. Learn a new skill: always wanted to be able to juggle, yo-yo or diablo. Now you can practice.
  13. Visit the library: most libraries organise readings during the holidays 
  14. Go on a picnic: ok I know we cannot predict the weather but we love carpet picnics too, lay a throw on the floor and eat lunch together
  15. Take Photos: go for a walk and take photos of your environment together. Make a collage or a photo diary.

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