One Moment in time with Mel from Life at Number Eleven

9 March 2018

Welcome to one moment in time, a guest posts series, where bloggers share the stories behind special or significant photographs. This week's featured blogger is a wonderful lady who I am proud to say is a part of the #pointshoot community. She always takes amazing shots that capture moments perfectly and writes so beautifully and warmly about her family. Mel from Life at Number Eleven. Thank you so much for joining me!

This photo says all you need to know about my son. He is just full of exuberance and high on life. His smile is infectious as is his laugh. Whenever he enters a room he brings smiles to those around him. I'm not just saying that because I'm his Mum. I've seen it. I'm constantly told it by family and strangers alike.

This photo was taken in Anglesey. My brother in law had just passed away so we took a last minute and much needed break. We don't live too far away from Anglesey but it felt like we were on the other side of the world. Whilst there we made the decision to pitch our caravan for the season so we drove around to check out a few sites. We had always talked about pitching the van, and Al's tragic death at the age of 47 made us adopt the motto - Stop planning your life, start living it!

We drove up to Rhosneigr and the sun came out so we took the opportunity to wander along the beach. We couldnt get Harry off it. He loved getting soaking wet so we let him. Despite not having a change of clothes with us or a towel. The tide was going out and the sand and sea was tickling between his toes. As I look at the photo I can clearly hear his laugh. I took the photo with tears rolling down my face. A mixture of relief (that the last few months were over), guilt (that I felt that way) and joy (to be living in the moment and sharing it with him). I am surprised it is in focus. I think H knew I needed cheering up and he made it his mission that day to do it. He definitely delivered. We hadn't laughed that much in months.

My final memory of the day was sharing a bag of chips and eating ice cream before heading back to the van. It really was a special day and the perfect antidote to what had been a difficult few months.

This photo now hangs as a large canvas above our stairs and serves as a reminder to enjoy every single day, seek the fun in the little things, and laugh. Really laugh.

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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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