Point Shoot: Family Day at Avifauna

24 April 2018

Dear friends,

Life has been very busy and we haven't had very much family time lately so we decided to head off for a day out at Avifauna. 

Avifauna is a bird park in Alphen aan den Rijn. It has many different species on display, feeding talks, bird demonstrations, a monkey island and a cool adventure playground. 

Here is my photo story of our family day out...

The boys posing in front of the park entrance. 
As it is a small park the queues are not big so we only had a short wait to get in.

Just a few of the many beautiful birds we saw there. Our favourite was the Toucan.

Little Man loved feeding the Lories. 
You can buy pots of nectar and they will come and drink and even sit on your hand. 

The bird show was very impressive, there are 2 a day and we went to both as they are different. 
The birds fly right over your head. We also loved the small monkeys.

At Monkey island: We called Big Lad the Pied Piper of Lemurs as they seemed to follow him around. 

Little Man posing next to his new friend. 
I think I have a mini blogger in the making as he kept taking pictures on Papa's phone. 
We stayed here for ages as it was really cool with them walking around you.

I loved watching the Lemurs. It is amazing how close you can get! This one was washing his hands. 
My favourite moment of the day was watching this Red Panda eating. 
We were really lucky to see this as they are usually sleeping up a tree!

At the rate Big Lad is growing, he'll be as big as this Ostrich next time we visit. 

Family day trips are a great way of spending quality time together.

Avifauna is a small park but it is a fun day out and if you look out for offers can be good value. It's well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

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