Monthly Roundup April

8 May 2018

Dear friends,

I haven't written a monthly roundup for a while now in favour of my weekly roundups. However the last couple of weeks for our family have been quite a challenge. We have had to say Farewell to Pa.  I haven't taken my usual photos and I haven't felt able to write about what has happened (which is my usual source of therapy) because I feel it isn't my story to share and it is all too raw at the moment.

I am very grateful that we had time to speak with the boys and prepare them a little for what lay ahead. They have made me extremely proud over the last two weeks. I am also very grateful for all the support we have received.

Amidst the stress and sadness of April we were determined to also have some moments of family time and fun as you will see...

Over to my Photo Roundup!

We started April on Easter Sunday with an Easter Breakfast and an egg hunt in the garden.
Little man and his team came 3rd in a football tournament.
We had some family fun playing Loopie Louie.
We went to our favourite fish restaurant and got the best view in the house.
I had a day out in Haarlem shopping with my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law and hubby spent the day with his dad.
We had fun with some special friends enjoying the milder nights.
Little Man gave a reading at the school church service.
I got a new look!

April was also all about the flowers.
Spring in Holland is a beautiful sight. The boys do get fed up of me asking them to pose so we made some silly shots too.
We also popped to see the Flower floats in Haarlem centre.
The view from the train was amazing!

We have managed to fit in some beach therapy. Including dinner at the beach with nature's own light show to finish off.
We had a family day at Avifauna playing with the Lemurs.

We said goodbye to Opa on April 24th. King's day was bitter sweet as none of us really felt like celebrating, instead we had a few drinks at the beach and then curled up on the sofa and watched a movie. 

I am grateful that I wrote this post as it has enabled me to see that there were many special and happy moments amongst the deep sadness that April brought us too.

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