Photo Diary #3

16 July 2018

Dear Friend,

I love capturing the ordinary moments and special times with my camera, looking at our life through a lens gives me a clearer focus. Here I take a look back at some of my favourite moments from the week. 

 Now over to my photo diary... Happy days!

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

This week I said goodbye to my group 2 class at school. It was really emotional. I've loved teaching them this year. The pain of the goodbye was lessened because my big lad came into school to help out. He was a massive hit and a really good help. It was lovely to see him in a new environment, relaxed, happy and at ease.

I took the boys to the cinema to see the Incredibles 2. Although we all enjoyed it we agreed that it wasn't as good as the original version.

I am now officially on holiday and we have certainly made the most of it this weekend. We started off with a family dinner at the Eet Cafe. The boys loved being able to choose their own ice creams.

I got a new bike this week, an electric one so I can keep up with the family and save my knee and we went on an extended bike ride and took the puntje across the water. It was a great adventure and I hope the first of many this summer. The boys were stars.

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach and then had a barbecue with some friends. It is wonderful to be able to sit out in the garden until late and enjoy the cooler evening air.

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