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25 February 2019

Dear Friend,

Ten years ago little man entered the world and changed everything. From the day that he was born he has filled our life with joy and happiness. His playful spirit is infectious and his quiet thirst for knowledge and understanding astounds me. This year has been a real coming of age for our little man, he has started to truly shine but it has also been his most difficult too. Losing Opa suddenly to cancer was the first time that he experienced total sadness and it hit him hard. His brilliant brain needed time to reflect and to process what happened. I am so proud of him for working his way through this, for learning to talk about his feelings and to know that it is ok not to always be the joy giver.

I picked out some of my favourite moments from Instagram to demonstrate what an amazing year he has had. He makes me proud every single day and I can't wait to see what he will achieve.

The world is your oyster!

We have one week of holidays left. I wonder how going back to school will affect my little men. Their relationship appears to be stronger than ever after over 6 weeks together. 🌈 Big lad will be going to his new school so they will no longer have those shared moments during the day. I think they are going to really miss each other. 🌈 It is the end of an era... I can't help feeling a certain degree of sadness. 🌈 Little man is sad that he no longer gets to come home for lunch. His school is changing the roster. No more 1 1/2 hour lunch times which secretly I am happy about. I am going to need to make packed lunches everyday now though. Ideas appreciated! 🌈 Part of me is ready to return & another wants to hide under the bedcovers. 🌈 Is it rude to ask for another 6 weeks 😉 #highlightsofhappy #pinklinker #MyHappyCapture #lionessmama #capturemypositive #littlestoriesofmylife #funseekingkids #mummybloggeruk #thisparentlife #bloggerlife #autismawareness #autismfamily #autismlife #freespiritedchildhood 💙
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